All 15 Poo Pourri Scents Reviewed

#1 – Original Citrus Mmm. Lemon, bergamot, and lemongrass. This Poo Pourri classic replaces your fresh stank with fresh citrus. Do your friends and family a solid before you drop a solid by spraying this poop smell spray before you get started. This scent is so clean smelling, they’ll

Natural and Organic Poop Spray

The Rise of Poo-Pourri and search for an organic poop spray We get questions all the time about Organic Poop Spray. It’s funny because not so long ago this whole poo spray trend started with a little viral video. This hilarious video got passed around the social media sphere. It

Toodaloo Potty Perfume Vs. Poo Pourri

Poo Pourri VS Toodaloo Potty Perfume Let’s be honest here. We all know someone who can clear an entire house out by going to the bathroom there. Vent fans and scented candles are no matche for this kind of stench. And sometimes we’ve all been that person. There is

Best Poo Pourri Essential Oils

Poo Pourri Essential Oils to make DIY Poo Pourri The biggest benefit Poo Pourri Essential Oils is that they smell good. They cover up the smell of your own stink, and they form a protective barrier on the water to keep the nasty odors from escaping from the toilet bowl.

Poo Pourri Ingredients List

Poo Pourri Ingredients List What are the Poo Pourri Ingredients that makes Poo Pourri work so great! Essential oils Rubbing alcohol Water Spray bottle Name brand Poop Sprays like Poo Pourri smell amazing and save your pride when you’ve gotta go, but what’s actually in them? They work so

Shoe Pourri Review

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Shoe Pourri (Brand) Review Vs. DIY Shoe Pourri Have you tried poo pourri yet? It’s an amazing product whose commercials are viral hits on YouTube, and are so funny that lots of people don’t even realize that it’s a real product that actually works. Well, we’re here to tell

Best shoe odor eliminator spray

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Best Shoe Odor Eliminator Spray (Best Shoe Odor Spray) The Top 3 Best Shoe Sprays on the Market: #1 – Shoe Pourri: The Best Shoe Odor Eliminator #2 – Rocket Pure Shoe Oder Deodorizer #3 – Make a Shoe Pourri Recipe at Home If you have stinky feet (and let’s

How To Make Your Own Poo Pourri

How To Make Poo Pourri Spray   In another post we showed you how to make DIY Shoe Pourri at home. So what about making your own poo pourri poo spray? If you have ever tried the original Poo-Pourri, you probably have noticed that it quickly becomes impossible to live without it. Once

DIY Shoe Pourri Recipe

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DIY Shoe Pourri Made in 2 Ways Homemade Shoe-Pourri/ Shoe Deoderizer Recipe At Home Made Two Different Ways In a recent post, we discussed the DIY Poo Pourri Recipe and and DIY Poo Pourri Recipe with Lemon Grass. Today we are going to show you two ways to create

Rocket Pure Shoe Oder Deodorizer Review

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Rocket Pure Shoe Oder Deodorizer & Eliminator Review Shoe Pourri – Shoe Odor Eliminator by Rocket Pure If you suffer from malodorous feet, you’re not alone. Many people have stinky feet, and all of them are embarrassed about it. Foot odor and shoe odor make people think that you have