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#1 – Original Citrus Mmm. Lemon, bergamot, and lemongrass. This Poo Pourri classic replaces your fresh stank with fresh citrus. Do your friends and family a solid before you drop a solid by spraying this poop smell spray before you get started. This scent is so clean smelling, they’ll

Toodaloo Potty Perfume Vs. Poo Pourri

Poo Pourri VS Toodaloo Potty Perfume Let’s be honest here. We all know someone who can clear an entire house out by going to the bathroom there. Vent fans and scented candles are no matche for this kind of stench. And sometimes we’ve all been that person. There is

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Poo Pourri Reviews First Hand Experience Poop Spray Reviews of Poo Pourri Nobody likes admitting that they poop. It’s kind of a stinky subject. I mean, we shower every day and slather on deodorant to keep anyone from smelling our own special stench while we go about our days,

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Find DIY Poo Pourri Recipes and Poo Pourri Reviews on Poo Spray If you are looking for great Poo Pourri Reviews and DIY Poo Pourri Recipes and instructions, you have come to the right place at poospray.com. Poo Pourri is one of the most amazing solutions to hit the