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#1 – Original Citrus Mmm. Lemon, bergamot, and lemongrass. This Poo Pourri classic replaces your fresh stank with fresh citrus. Do your friends and family a solid before you drop a solid by spraying this poop smell spray before you get started. This scent is so clean smelling, they’ll

Toodaloo Potty Perfume Vs. Poo Pourri

Poo Pourri VS Toodaloo Potty Perfume Let’s be honest here. We all know someone who can clear an entire house out by going to the bathroom there. Vent fans and scented candles are no matche for this kind of stench. And sometimes we’ve all been that person. There is

How To Make Your Own Poo Pourri

How To Make Poo Pourri Spray   In another post we showed you how to make DIY Shoe Pourri at home. So what about making your own poo pourri poo spray? If you have ever tried the original Poo-Pourri, you probably have noticed that it quickly becomes impossible to live without it. Once

Shoe Pourri – Poo Pourri Shoe Spray

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Shoe Pourri: The Best Shoe Odor Eliminator Poo Pourri is perfect for taking away nasty bathroom odors, but did you know that Poo Pourri also has a product called Shoe Pourri for your shoes? Shoe Pourri is Poo Pourri’s version of a shoe spray. This shoe spray can be used to get

Where can you buy Poo Pourri?

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Where can you buy Poo Pourri? From Walmat and CVS to Safeway and Whole Foods, you can buy Poo Pourri anywhere You can buy Poo Pourri at many major stores that carry bathroom and personal items, as well as novelty stores and gift stores. And, of course, you can buy it

Poo Pourri User Reviews

Poo Pourri Reviews First Hand Experience Poop Spray Reviews of Poo Pourri Nobody likes admitting that they poop. It’s kind of a stinky subject. I mean, we shower every day and slather on deodorant to keep anyone from smelling our own special stench while we go about our days,

How Much is Poo Pourri?

How Much is Poo Pourri? If you buy Poo Pourri ready-made, it will cost you about $10 for a medium size bottle It’s really a good deal – it only takes a few squirts each time you go to the restroom to keep from stinking up the house and will

Poo Pourri Reviews and DIY Poo Pourri

Find DIY Poo Pourri Recipes and Poo Pourri Reviews on Poo Spray If you are looking for great Poo Pourri Reviews and DIY Poo Pourri Recipes and instructions, you have come to the right place at poospray.com. Poo Pourri is one of the most amazing solutions to hit the