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Natural and Organic Poop Spray

The Rise of Poo-Pourri and search for an organic poop spray We get questions all the time about Organic Poop Spray. It’s funny because not so long ago this whole poo spray trend started with a little viral video. This hilarious video got passed around the social media sphere. It

How To Make Your Own Poo Pourri

How To Make Poo Pourri Spray   In another post we showed you how to make DIY Shoe Pourri at home. So what about making your own poo pourri poo spray? If you have ever tried the original Poo-Pourri, you probably have noticed that it quickly becomes impossible to live without it. Once

Toodaloo Potty Perfume Review

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Toodaloo Potty Perfume Review and Overview What is Toodaloo Toilet Perfume and Spray? Very similar to the ever so famous brand “Poo-Pourri” comes a new face in the toilet game. Toodaloo Potty Perfume is the new game changer that challenges the poo-pourri line up of toilet sprays. Although Toodaloo Potty